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Is Total Residual Spherical Aberration the most important factor in choosing an aspheric lens?

spherical aberration table

The answer is not as clear as one might think...

PAL vs. competitor comparison photos

Images simulated from theoretical analysis using Zemax® software.

Regardless of lens spherical aberration, the optics of 1st generation aspheric IOLs are optimized for the centered position. Because of this, some perform poorly if they become decentered or tilted - often to the point of performing worse than a spherical lens under the same conditions. And unfortunately, very few IOLs are perfectly centered in the eye.

Aaren Scientific recognizes this and designed its PAL lens with more than just perfect conditions in mind. Its optic design takes into account a broad range of aberrations arising with lens misalignment. PAL was also optimized for the range of corneal asphericity to offer benefits for patients of different corneal shapes. Consequently, Aaren Scientific's PAL lens enables better image quality under real world conditions.